Blogging Everywhere But Here

I have been a busy blogger, but not for my professional & pursuits blog. I hope to return to regular posting sooner, rather than later, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I recommend checking out the blog I am knee deep in for our Summer in San Francisco program at San Francisco State University:

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Re-energizing @ NAFSA

Being back at NAFSA and seeing old colleagues is wonderful – learning about what is new in their offices, how students have changed, and the ever changing efforts for internationalization at universities.  Then of course, the exuberant attitudes always make it feel like “home,” even on the road. In the few years that I have […]

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As I sit on a cushioned church pew, the sun’s warming rays feeding the fern on a coffee table in front of me, I know that my future is just as unclear as the fog and unexpected turns in the river bend.  The Root Note Cafe, and more so the city of La Crosse, have […]

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Home Sweet Home, or is it?

Hello Readers, I apologize for the long lost posts over the last month.  My anticipated lack of internet in India proved to be even more true, and rather extensive, upon arrival.  So I packed up my computer and only used it when necessary. “How was India,” a stranger asks.  “It was great. I really enjoyed […]

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Twelve Days.

This will be a short post, but just a few thoughts I wanted to jot down.  I apologize in advance for the rambling that may take place. The countdown begins for my first faculty-led program to India.  Twelve days. The last eight months of preparation (2 years total since its inception)- recruitment, interviewing, a pre-departure […]

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Tis the Season for Busy Reasons

Hello readers, First, I’d like to apologize for lengthy absence and second, for the cheesy post title (I couldn’t resist a holiday cliche-rhyme).   As the semester is wrapping up, I am finding myself inundated by research grants, the Indian faculty-led program logistics, teaching responsibilities, student org professional development planning, and the attempt to  organized […]

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Diwali 2012

Happy Belated Diwali!  Diwali is the Hindu New Year, celebrated by many and it also plays a role in other religions, such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.  Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a festival recognized by lit diyas (candles) that line families’ homes and float down the river.  The light radiating from the diyas […]

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Safety Abroad

I’m in darkness and suddenly jolted awake by the all too familiar sound of a Skype call ringing over and over.  Half asleep, I peel the covers off of me and look at the glowing screen.  My sister, who is currently studying abroad in Lima, Peru, is calling me at 2:16AM on a Saturday night.  […]

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Surprising Moments

Immersing myself in teaching has been filled with sporadic moments of frustration, appreciation, reflection, personal-growth, and linguistic/cultural barriers to name a few.  The past few weeks the ESL course I co-teach has been working on an iPad project (Public Service Announcements) to help educate international students in the technology realm that encompasses typical American universities. […]

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Bharat, India’s name in Hindi, is the next country I will be spending time in.  As I reflect on my first visit there, I cannot help but imagine the how different this coming visit will be.  Nearly a year ago, I was sitting in my room scouring for the best priced ticket I could find […]

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